The Best I've Ever Had!

        I have been with my boyfriend for a year and half now. He is 19 years older than me, I am 21 and he is 40. I love everything about this man! We met at a club and hit it off instantly! I have always been into older men because they have way more experience and maturity! He is the oldest man I've ever been with though. He is also the best in every way possible! He makes me so incredibly happy and thats all that matters to me! One thing that really irritates me to this day and I don't think ever will stop, is how for some reason (idk why) when his age is asked, the reaction ppl have! It is so annoying to constantly answer the same questions! What makes it so different? There is nothing wrong with it as long as the ppl are adults... Right? In a couple years I am more than likely going to marry this man, I know he's the one!! I don't doubt for a second his love for me! Then shortly after we are married we will have children. I don't have any yet, he has 4! His oldest would be 22, but she passed 6 yrs ago from alcohol poisoning! The others are 19, 10, and 8. He is a wonderful father! That is one the my favorite things about him!  He wants more children also. So to any one that doesn't understand your just jealous! To all the other stories on here good for u guys! I enjoyed reading your stories!

kaylibaby14 kaylibaby14
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

wow! well.....I say go for it girl! People can be in same age relationships or not...its not important. You love him and you are happy....I wish blessing and love to you both! Have fun!