I'm 22 And Am Enamored With A Professor

What is it with women liking older men? For me, this has always been the case. I am 22 years old and am enamored with my science professor, who is probably between 45-50. I know he's a lot older and I am, but he has so many good qualities-he's really handsome, physically fit, highly intelligent (which I love), experienced, and as far as I can tell, a bachelor (no ring on that finger and no mention of a wife or girlfriend). If I found out he was married, I of course would not pursue him. He seems very deep as well, he loves nature, the stars, and has a very high respect for women. I have talked to him outside of class only once, but feel a little confused about how I could go about starting a relationship. Does anyone have any tips for how I could show him (subtly, of course) that I am interested in him and would like to get to know him better? Keep in mind, he's my professor, and I don't want to come off as being creepy, disrespectful, slutty, childish, or anything like that. Also, how can I tell that he's interested in me? I once went to his office to look at the answer key for my first exam and caught two mistakes (which earned me and the rest of the class two additional points). He said something along the lines of "well, you'll have to stop by after every exam to check and see if I made any more errors". I know it's a long-shot, but to me it seems liks flirting. He also gives me this little smile when I talk to him, drawing his eyes down to my mouth...very subtle, but noticeable. What does everyone think? Any advice on how to get to know him and let him know I am interested? I value all opinions. Thanks.

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ok first I just want to point out that this totally something I could have written. Here you sound just like me when you write--both the style and the thoughts you're expressing. it helps too that this is a situation I could very easily find myself in, seeing as I've liked older men since for at least two years now and I had a big crush on a teacher in high school (he was married). the thing is, I wouldn't know quite how to achieve what you want in this situation. I agree that you should be subtle and I think it's better to do that and not end up with him (I would say it isn't meant to be) than to be too forward. I would just be very friendly with him, be generous with smiling and be very feminine. Go with your "subtle" flirting instincts. if the opportunity presents itself, engage in conversation where you can connect (maybe something deep). Beyond that, I can't suggest anything and you probably want to look for more advice. He sounds like a catch and don't take my word for it, but it sounds to me like he likes you. Good luck!

nothing wrong with the two of you getting together, but it has to be once you are done with school otherwise he could get into a load of trouble. I know that affairs with profs and their students isn't a new concept, but I've seen profs lose their tenure (and trust me that is their life) over affairs with students. It's in their contract. So flirt and flirt, and once you have graduated, totally play your cards.

wish you luck..keep him on the hook and decide where you want go later....

I will be graduating either this summer or next semester.

I don't think he is allow to have relationships with students outside of the school. it would be against school policy. right? just show up infront of him more and ask school stuff.....see how he feels about you. otherwise, just wait until you finish your course..haha..just maybe