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I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 30. He's happens to be the best boyfriend that i ever had. It seems like older men are more supportive, careing, gentle and are willing to listen to a womens feeling then guys that are the same age.

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What about 10-15 years the line ? How will the sex work then?

i am 17 dating a 21 year old. my parents dont approve but nothing can stop me from loving this man. he is the best person for me & has treated me like no other. i think all girls should date older guys. women need a man in their life. someone who is mature & understanding. nobody can love you the way an older & wiser guy can

I relate to you very well. Im 17 and my boyfriend is 28. I feel like i haven't had alot of support from my friends who know , they just look at me like im nasty and i can do better . It does hurt but i really like him and he wants to spend the rest of his life w. me. We have been seeing eachother for 18 months now and no one in my family knows that i am in a relationship He is the best thing that has happened to me n he makes me sooo happy, i've never had anything like this . It would be really nice to talk w. someone who relates w. me. Are you still w. your boyfriend?

I'm 20, soon to be 21 in July and I'm in Love with a 41 year old man. Ive known him since I was 16/17. I didn't become intimate with him until 6 months ago and I promise, he has changed my life and perspective on men. He looks every bit of just 30 so our appearance in public is not a major problem. I just feel like, if a man means you very well then so be it. Sometimes we cant help who we fall for and its ok to listen to others opinion but take it from someone who has actually walked in your shoes. Nobody but yourself should be able to change the way you feel about a person.

Good for you both. I yearn for a younger girlfriend. Unfortunately women of all ages despise me.

Finally I can relate to!
See, I've known this guy since 2009, and I'm 18. It turns out he was waiting for me to turn "illegal". (I'm from Ontario) we've dating for one month, it took a lot to take in. He has two kids. Of course there's a negative part of my story. His baby mama is kinda nuts, she enjoys putting me down, basically telling me stuff about myself I never knew about. I honestly don't take it to the heart, but it almost constant! but dating an older guy is the best decision I've made. This guy is so intelligent, and loving, amd he can take care of me! He has a good job, he has met my father, and familia! I can't wait to see our future together.

Finally someone who understands me. i am 19 and my boyfriend is 39.

great for you you have found some hope you will be happy always together if you would want friend lets talk

My boyfriend is going to be 30 in july and im 18 and carrying his baby. He thinks im 20 years old.. i already have one child who will be a year soon. Im not sure what to do..

Im 18 and my boyfriend is 38... hes absolutely amazing. Does your family know about your relationship?

I agree whole heartedly. my fiance is 44 and i am 22. He is just a loving, spiritual, caring, gentle soul but also if need be protective. He treats me so well and our communication is wonderful. He is also very intellectual and we have wonderful meaningful inspiring conversations which with a 22 yr old guy would be "yo you wants to hit it up at the club this friday what?"...(shoot me now). I feel like most boys (not men) in the 20 range are superficial and looknig thorugh rose tinted glasses. It is also true men mature slower than women so dating someone in their 30s-40s when you are 18-20 is perfect. IF you are a mature woman and not a superficial bimbo. And Jack...although it's not about sex it sure helps. (older men know what they are doing!)

Good for you, that is what you call mature love.