One Hell Of A Story.

I'm 18, and it was my second day at work. I was put on a recovery shift in the clothing department, sounds fun, right? Well, I didn't think much of it. I went in to the office, a little nervous (I'm still the new girl) and put on my apron. I checked my area for the day on the white board where our shifts are written and saw that I was on (I'll call him Snap) "Snap"s team for the day. I don't know who Snap is, but whatever. My supervisor called me into the office to meet this Snap so that he could show me around, and tell me what to do for the day. I'm sitting there for about 5 minutes in one of those uncomfortable too-clean leather chairs next to the secretary's desk, and in walks this amazingly gorgeous man, longer black hair, apparently oriental, insanely smooth voice.. And I think to myself "Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen. At least he'll be fun to look at while I work. Hell, he'll even be inspiration for me to work harder." So we meet on business terms, "Hello, nice to meet you" with business smiles (and I can't manage to not blush staring at those perfect teeth and dimples and dark deep eyes), and I follow him around the store, at his heels, agreeing and nodding my head like an idiot already. Throughout the day I keep thinking to myself "It's such a wonderful thought, but I should never be swept away by something that's just impossible. I'd be lucky if he'd even consider me a friend outside of work." Almost half-way through the work day I approach a girl who looks a lot like me, around my age. She's pretty awesome looking so i definitely introduce myself right away. "Hey, you look like you listen to dubstep. I bet you also like Adventure Time. Yeah.. We're going to be great friends." So she and I purposely run into each other all day to make small talk. I'll call her "Click". Well, I try my hardest to show off for Snap any way that I can. I even told him I was a smoker so that we could take cigarette breaks together (and now I smoke...). I think that I'm a pretty friendly person, so it isn't hard for me to get him to laugh and like me, at least at a "she's cool for a coworker" level. Snap mentions a few times that he thinks Click is a really awesome person. Cool.. I think so too. But dammit, I wanted his attention. So I think "Seriously, I shouldn't be feeling any kind of jealousy at all. He is MY BOSS. Not some boy I think is cute sitting at the next lunch table. AND I DID hear him mention something about having a girlfriend in Europe. I'm doing exactly what I told myself not to." By the end of the night Snap, Click and I are all getting along really well, and he asks Click and I for our numbers, joking about taking us to the bar after work. Again, my hopes lunged towards "Ohmygoodness.. He likes me.." but I still have enough control over myself to override that and think "No.. No, this is cool. Me and my boss and my coworker, going out for a night of harmless fun. It'll be sweet, I've never had friends like this before and it's a really cool and relaxed situation." An hour or two after work I received a text message from Snap, saying that Click isn't coming so it'd be cool with him if it was cool with me if it was just the two of us. My heart skips, my mind races, and my conscious scolds me for getting my hopes again. I scramble to find something decent to wear out, something that makes me look older than I am to pass as 21 (which isn't hard for me to do).
A friend drops me off at his house around 10, and we take a cab to the bar almost as soon as I get to Snap's house. We get to the bar, and there are about 20 people, but it's a small bar so it looks pretty packed. We sit down and make small talk over a Rolling Rock and some cigarettes until the pool table in the back is unoccupied. I find out that he's 26 and engaged to a girl in Austria, and he's leaving to be with her in March. Ok, now I have no expectations aside from a night of fun and dancing at the bar. Surprisingly it was a relief of pressure. So, he wins the first game of pool and I win the second. He's trying to teach me how to improve my playing, you know, almost flirty, but he's been drinking too, and it's nothing serious. And then this older guy comes up to him and asks to play him. Snap says "How about teams? I'm here with my girlfriend and I wouldn't want her to feel left out." .. Girlfriend?... And then the older man says "How about this, we'll play just you and I. If I win, she goes home with me." And they both laugh acknowledging it as a harmless joke, and Snap comes over and kisses my cheek, and then my lips. .. Oh my god...
Two shots of Black Velvet and a pitcher of Guinness later I'm too drunk, standing in a bathroom stall in the back of the bar jumping up and down because I can't believe what's happening. I don't remember much of the rest of my time at the bar, but I do remember taking pictures in the bathroom with three big black sassy women.. And making a 54 year old friend named Ann who insisted that I didn't have sex with Snap, and then we danced to hardcore rap (being the only two white women in an almost all black bar). And Snap and I.. We were making out, a lot, and talking about life and our interests. I can't remember everything that he said but I've never met anyone so nice and considerate. He offers to call the cab to come get us and go back to his house and I trip over my words explaining that maybe sex wasn't such a great idea tonight considering that we just met and I didn't want him to think poorly of me. He understood, and thought that I should go home with him and relax anyways. I agreed.
We get to his house (which is actually his parents house) and go upstairs to his room. I don't remember how it happened.. But I lost my pants and underwear... And then, I'm on his couch in the basement on my back with him completely naked on top of me and he's saying "I know that you didn't want to do this tonight, are you sure you want to now? You really don't have to" as he starts to go down on me. I'm like "Please just **** me.." because I don't even care anymore. He's gorgeous, and the nicest person I've ever met in my entire life. Apologies to my friend at the bar. So.. Yeah... We have sex.. Really really great sex... And he's so freaking considerate the entire time, making sure that I'm comfortable and that nothing is hurting. Afterwards we go upstairs to his room again where we make small talk again and cuddle. Somehow we have really really great sex again... And then cuddle some more. My friend comes to pick me up around 2:30 in the morning... And Snap even texts me to make sure I got home safely.
The next night I pick him up from work and we go out to dinner.. It's really great. Everyone at the restaurant is looking at me with envy, because Snap is just so damn smooth and charming. He makes every girl that he talks to feel worth something. After dinner he sneaks me into a vacant house and we have amazing sex again. He even says my name during.. And after we finished I laid on his chest for a half an hour while we talked about his girlfriend, and maybe having a ********* with Click.
And last night, the third and most recent time that I was with him, was for about 10 minutes during my last cigarette break. I really tried to look attractive in all black with a leather jacket and my cigarette. And for some reason.. I tried pretty hard to make Click seem unattractive to him. I know, great start to a no-attachment fling, right? He kissed me good night and I haven't talked to him since, fighting back the urge to text him all damned day. But I have heard from Click a bit earlier that he wanted to go out with the both of us Saturday.
To be continued...
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So what happened. Did the ********* go on. Or is that all in the past