I recently just began a relationship with a man in prison that I've known my entire life. My mother passed away when I was 17 and his mother kind of took me in and helped me through so many things. He has been in prison my entire life, and as of right now there are no chances of him getting out. :(. We have communicated on a daily basis as friends for years now. We never really expressed our feelings, him afraid of making our friendship different and putting me in a horrible situation, and me because I honestly was just afraid to say anything to him, about how I felt. Well recently out of no where we started talking about how we felt about each other, and where things could possibly go, and we both decided that without each other we are not whole. I know I am only 24 years old and have my whole future ahead of me, and could be with someone that could be right next to me the rest of my life.. Is that worth me giving up on someone that I know I love with all of my heart. I have prayed for days on end, I love this man and want to be with him, but I am so scared that I will never get to see him out of those walls. I honestly wish there was someone I could talk to that could truly help me, and not just give me negative comments, because he is in prison. I know he isn't the same man he used to be, and never will be. I just need someone that has been through a similar situation or has advice for me also... Thank you...
prayingforeternity prayingforeternity
26-30, F
Aug 28, 2014