My Aspe Man Awesome !

Wow where do I began lol .....well I met my Boyfriend on a social site and we hit it off very well . He was very honest and up front ( honesty is rare theses days ) and told me he had Aspergers . Being the research queen that I am lol I educated myself on the subject. When I told him I did he was so happy . He told me he has never met someone that would even give two hoots! About him or what he goes threw. The fact is I do care . he is very smart and kind , loving , and unique. In his last relationship she really tore him down , never stood by him on anything . So I did notice that somethings I would do or say he wasn't use to . He use to live in his on little bubble . Until I pop it lol .. he makes me so happy and we work very well together . If we are out and I can tell he is getting nervous , then I step right in and hold his hand and we get threw it together . He is just an awesome guy and I know we both can learn from each other . We both challenge , care , and cherish each other .. I Adore my Aspe man!
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Awww...there is someone for everyone huh? ;)

nope, im alone :P