So it's been a few days since I've been on here my phone had a heart attack stroke convulsion but in all those days I really didn't miss ep SORRY! I did however constantly think of someone on here and in that time I realized something how absolutely crazy **** is I mean my god my life just fell apart and Im trying to get all the fragments in order to start rebuilding it and ALL I can think about is **** MY PHONE FOR BREAKING AN **** ICLOUD AND **** MY DUMB *** BRAIN FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO REMEMBER MY EP PASSWORD cuz I really really need to talk to HIM. In addition to make it worse I started to wonder what he was doing and how his day went I found myself wanting tell him my normal daily dumb **** an even tho I feel like I over write him he always responds ALWAYS and that's not what I'm used to he's not weird or internet creepy he's so my speed and easy to talk to I started imagining his voice being just as tranquil as his personality are his hands just as addictive as his words? i wonder if he's just as attentive in bed as he is with his words when I need to talk to him would I feel as safe underneath him as I do with my most personal thoughts I mean I literally tell him my fears and emotional breakdown bulshit and I guess I never really had lustful thoughts of him until this dumb *** phone malfunction but I'm not a child I know what's realistic and what's fantasy lol but they were awesome daydreams

The right stranger

And talk about relieved that... Well ima keep that one to myself

karlakashes karlakashes
31-35, F
Aug 23, 2014