had my heart ripped out by someone who ,,eventually told me theyre dead inside. ive struggled for years to cope with breakdowns, depressions , broken relationships. now i feel ripped apart. they left me because i told them i love them
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

funny story, im the other side of it, i once left a girl that loved me deeply because it told her i was dead and could not feeling anything inside, poor girl was devastated and went into a heavy depression even when i continued to be her distant-friend trying to mae her feel better, she really loved me.

i dont want to sound arrogant but she use to tell me that i made her feel special and such, i treated her well like its not-written on the code of how to behave,

we both never really recovered from that experecience of short-lived romance; i always wanted to feel something for her, something real and strong, for anyone but could not, i have no soul, and like any other monster i did this poor little girl cry several times evertime i told her that i couldnt take her feelings and return them,

i pray life ends soon, good luck for you, but anyway you must know that people die alone, it has happen