No Hope For My Marriage

I am a Father of a beautiful three year old little girl and the husband of a wife who does not want to have sex with me. I know other people have bigger problems in their life but knowing that does not take away the pain and rejection i feel from the woman i love. I am a God fearing man or at least i try to be. My connection with God has been severed for the past couple months it seems. Without God i am empty, i am alone, i only have my little girl's unconditional love to comfort me in this dark time. God has left me because i look at **** on a regular basis. I hate that i am so weak for sexual intimacy that i have turned to internet pornagraphy. Oh Lord help me. I am lost. It hurts so bad inside. Now my wife has refused to even talk to me because i did not rub her feet or her back the other night. I used to do things like that out of the kindness of my heart, but now when she asks me to do those types of things again i feel more rejected, knowing the fact that she would rather have me rub her feet than make love with me is so degrading and insulting i am filled with anger and resentment. My wife is a fool. Will my marriage be saved or will it be another tragic statistic? I must fullfill my vows not because i love my wife but because i love and fear God. My oath of marriage is sacred. I made a promise, no matter how cold our marriage gets. I see the path before me and it is desolate, cold, miserable, painful, distant, and desparaging. I cry at the thought of the future i see. i am scared..........................i am alone...................................
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

i have a friend who feels the same as you do. But try praying to God. Let him know u wish to honor your vows. Ask him how he desires for you to still glorify him in the mess you might feel you are in. According to the bible he still loves you