My Dream

i have a vishual and additory prossesing disorder wich can actully put me in the catigory of deaf blind my vishion gets worse if i go into a crouded place with lots of people and movment sites smells it makes my vishon go down and the only thing i see is stright ahead i can't hear vary well with lots of back ground noice and i mic up leters when i hear them like b/v c/d e/a e/b all my life i have asked for help i am on an iep at school but no one will help me when i was in 4rd grade my teacher told me i was dumb and i culdn't learn i might as well sit in the back of the class so i culd not see to copy of the bored when i was in truble he wuld grab my arm so hard it left bruses thats when we swiched schools when i was in 5th grad things got better i got a really nice tacher and that year i jumed ahead 2math levels so i'm pritty much at my grade now and i jumped 5 or 6 reading levels and now i read at my grade level my spelling is still not vary good only 3rd grade and my writting is only kindergarton the next year i was in 6 that year was bad we had to write a lot and my teacher only gave us 5min the other kids were done with time to speareput i was still trying to copy and that made my notes slopy so culd not read them i spent the hole year in the speshel ed room that year geting help at reses i did not have any friends last year i was the new kid everyone wanted to hang out with me but that wore off and now no one would hang out with me but surprisingly i cot the carigter award that year in 7th and 8th grade every thing got better agin i got some frinds the next this year most of my frends moved away we still strugle with the coop and the school fallowing my iep but over all i am doing pritty well i went form a teacher that hurt me jumbing grads to no frends to where i am today i know that the road will still be tugh and there are still lots of obsicals like geting a job and going to colige and geting a service dog but i will fight that battle wen i come to it there is one thing that all of this as tought me and thats my dream my dream is to help kids with disablits kids that don't get help kids that fall through the crakes just like me there is not a day that i don't think about my dram i don't know how i will get there i don't know wen wut i know i will
ktroses12 ktroses12
Sep 10, 2012