Things I Miss Being Deaf

Hearing music

Listening to birds singing

The sound of gentle rain on the roof

Hearing the wind chimes outside my home

Listening to the sounds my lover makes when we have sex

Hearing my Daughter sing

Not catching everything in daily conversation

Hearing all the sweet things my lover whispers in my ear

Imagine if someone pushed the mute button on your world, just for a day. You see people speak but do not understand. Or know the wind is blowing but don’t hear the rustle through the trees. You don’t hear the sound of traffic approaching. You can’t hear the door open or close, or the washing machine cycles. Or carry on long conversations on the phone.


Now think of that being a part of everyday life. Welcome to my world. I consider deafness not as a disability, rather just a way of life.


I can tell you that learning to sign is a real awakening. Since losing my hearing in 2010 I have learned a lot about deaf culture, and about a new way of life.  


Sometimes I wonder why some people can’t accept us as we are. We have not lost the ability to be compassionate or to enjoy life. I feel that some become angry at all the noise and distractions of the hearing world. I did at times but now find myself missing those things at times. 


Being deaf is not the best recipe for being in love. But Jim and I communicate effectively for the most part. It can be awkward at times, but we have managed. It can be error-prone, and sometimes he has to repeat a lot. We use notes at times, and he has learned some ASL. I have actually been able to understand some of his thoughts by reading his body language.


Overall life is pretty much the same for me, and becoming deaf has not changed my will or ability to enjoy life.

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I didnt even think about not being able to listen to music if I went deaf! I would miss that the most I think! Thanks for the insight sweetie!

I love your story, I'm fourteen and I lost my hearing completely when I was nine. In almost six years I have become efficient in ASL and reading lips. Most of the time I don't bother to sign and just read lips and speak to tell them my answer. At first I was scared to speak because I couldn't here myself but I've gotten used to it.

your great inspiration to us all. our prays and thoughts are with you always. i look forward to God's promise as bible book Isaiah chapter 33 verse 24 say no reside will say am sick. we shall all enjoy blessing of Jesus miracles stated in Isaiah chapter 35all over universe beautiful and happy healthy world. you have develop the key to success and happiness always take what we have and strive, not allowing it to be crutch or excuses to feel sorry for our self. i too have done that i try keep positive outlook on what ever happens, we might not hear or talk, but the world around us provide insight into many things, you had once heard and carry many sounds within you. now with the new way way of hearing its still provide beauty and sound through motion and sight. i pray you always stay as strong and with a heart develop with life and joy for what ever life bring your way!

Lovely story

I am sorry for the loss of your hearing, but how did it happen ?
You seem to have a good attitude about it though.
Good Luck.

So, so true.

Insights you gain being deaf...

Hearing Music--
Seeing people move and sway to the beat.

Listening to birds singing--
Seeing a graceful bird in flight.

The sound of gentle rain on the roof--
Smelling the fresh scent after a rain.

Hearing the wind chimes outside my home--
Feeling the wind on your face.

Listening to the sounds my lover makes when we have sex--
Touching his strong body; smelling your sexual scents.

Hearing my Daughter sing--
Seeing her inner joy when singing a tune.

Not catching everything in daily conversation--
Catching people's body movements and expressions.

Hearing all the sweet things my lover whispers in my ear--
Touching, smelling, tasting and seeing your lover's passion.

I really like this and it is so true.
Thanks for sharing this