Learning To Be Proud Of Being Half Deaf.

Lets see. I am half deaf. They did a hearing test in 1st grade and that's when they found out. I have been my whole life. We don't know why. Nobody in my family has hearing problems. I use to be super insecure about it. I would cry because i felt stupid because i couldn't hear. I still have problems with it but I've learned to deal. I know its not my fault I'm this way, God just decided to make me extra special and give me more challenges than other people. They could have done a surgery to fix it buuuuut one of the risks would be me going totally deaf . So we stuck to just leaving it alone.
If you are reading this and you feel stupid like i did for not being able to hear or understand people. Or for asking "Huh?" or "What?" in every sentence , don't. You where made this way for a reason. And its apart of life. You just have to accept it. My cousin-in-law is fully deaf . She cant get a job or anything. She has been a great friend to me. I know sign language and so we talk constantly. Things like this are nothing to feel stupid about. So don't feel that way. Keep your head up and just know that you are stronger because you have one more challenge than anyone else in the world.
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My life experience is same as yours .I have partial hearing loss in both ears and only deaf in my family.I was tested when i was 12 or 13 no body in my family knew i have hearing problem until i was tested in school.But i refused to accept it and found embarrassing to put hearing aids because lot of stigma attach to it.so i refused to put hearing aids on and I wanted to be self depent in order to survive , I manage to pass with top grade in collage but at university teachers don't write on board so i give up. I have to hide my disability in order to get job its really scary at job interview hoping i would be hearing all question asked. At a time i felt guilty and used to cry and blame myself when i could not hear and wished i know some body who is similar to me so we can comfort each other. Life become tough you just have to face it . Lot of hearing people don't like to associate with deaf and see them as stupid and dumb . They avoid you and some fell sorry for you . I take day as it comes and hope for best ..

There are many things that could be said here I'm sure but what come to mind to me is, maybe half deaf but 100% beautiful! The other is that those who have the courage will have to get to know you in order to find your real beauty. Hold out for all of that! Your inner beauty will force you to reach out but never get beyond yourself. I have a feeling your heart has so much to offer!