I live in a world of sound and deafness. When I was in kindergarten I had a fever of 104.4 and I lost complete hearing in my right ear and partial on my left. Over the years (I'm 28 now) my hearing on my left seems to be degrading more and more to where my hearing aid isn't giving me enough clarity and I'm struggling to understand words most of the time. I'm hoping to reach out to some in learning how to cope from those going through what I am. Music for the longest time was my therapy but now I can't tell the difference between instruments even in classical. Following old music that I once listened to is becoming too hard to follow so I just gave up music altogether.
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I am as well but hearing aids allow me to hear a little

The hearing aid gives me a gateway to the hearing world, but my hearing wont be the same as it once was. Still having a hard time adjusting with that reality.

I understand. It does help