I hope to meet more deaf people, as I don't know any, and I would like to learn more sign so that I can communicate with deaf people when I DO come across them. And being around deaf people would force me to learn it faster. If there is anyone in brisbane Qld with the patience to hang out with me, that would be amazing!! I want to be a part of your world! (as so to speak)

Also one of my favourite shows is switched at birth, amazing show. Being very careful though, to not pick up ASL and mix it up with AUSLAN lol. Anyway, hit us up?? please? lol weird reques, but I really am this keen to learn!!
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Hey I'm learning AUSLAN but I live in NSW. Our states have the same AUSLAN dialect, so we could help each other. Skype?

I am an older guy a young wife. She WAS very poor and DEAF her whole life growing up from the age of 6, basically a prisoner of fate in her situation, hardly having daily food. She is very smart and self-reliant. I spent a very large sum of money bringing her to the US, supporting her family, teaching her to be strong, and restoring her hearing, which I am still paying for. She got a successful Cochlear Implant. She went to work at a minimum wage job after she got her hearing restored and just got her 10 year green card. I just learned she cheated on me with three different guys, just for fun. She was not remorseful, only sorry she got caught. She says she loves me but wanted to MAKE UP for what she missed when she was deaf. I did not kick her out because she cannot support herself. We were married 3 years now. Live in Sin City/Las Vegas, aptly named.

Wow that sucks so bad... I don't even know what to say about that... You'd think after all that support and loving you showed, she'd be more (if that were possible) rather than less faithful...

So she's still living with you now? That's rough...

it has been only a week, and I am going through the stress of it all and she is being very nice and wanting to move away or escape the area, but I think she will not change. I have lost 7 lbs in one week now

cannot sleep normally and not hungry due to adrenalin, normal for stressed people

Wow!!!! I'm deaf myself and would be grateful if I were in her situation. However I can appreciate that she started to feel empowered by you to build herself up. And unfortunately she did it the wrong way.

I hope you are doing well now?? Your story was in July. Do update us.

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