To the guy who thought I wouldn't understand what he's saying because I'm deaf: I can read lips very well. You, sir, are an a**. That is all.
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If you feel so strongly about it, then why didn't you tell him??

Reading lips is not something all deaf people can do.

Did you sign ''a**'' to him? He probably wouldn't have understood lol

Good for you. Well said.

What a pity hearing people are too dumb to realise that we can read lips.

I also love it when I'm with deaf friends and we use sign to really take the **** out hearing f***wits.

Good for you to stand up. :) I'm deaf too and deal with ignorant people all the time. I just laugh it off at times!

lol good fur u its surprising how many folks think we are children of a lessor god

dont waste your energy on those a-holes
they dont deserve it anyway
you can channel your anger into doing what you like, like surfing maybe

I do, but sometimes a person can only hold so much, you know? I know it's just some guy, but what he said made me feel like total crap.