Ok well I am now deaf in my left ear. My disease has another side effect that causes hearing loss. They doctors expect me to lose hearing in the other ear in a few days. Now I need to start learning sign language.
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I'm guessing you can speak and use your voice? If you can, use that to your advantage regardless your hearing loss. If you embrace yourself, you will open doors. Don't put a barrier on yourself.
You're going through grief and all that. But when you arrive at the point that it's ok! Then remember what I said then you will FLY.

srry for your loss

Don't let it stop you from doing what you want! Learning sign is a great idea and it'll help you so much :) All the best!

I struggle to see the point though when my doctors cannot give me an estimated lifespan. They say anytime from now till 10 years.

I'm sorry you feel like that, but you're still young and have ample opportunity to live life to the fullest! Don't take anything for granted and enjoy the things that mean something to you :) Easier said than done, but things could be much worse - sorry but it's the truth.

If I do anything that I want to do I will just break

No you won't. You'll do it, and enjoy it because you like doing it! You can do anything :)

And my bones will break and I spend the rest of my life in hospital

Do not become the barrier to yourself. Embrace it and you will fly.

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I'm sorry that must be really horrible D: Well Thank goodness for technology where people type most of their words!