its so hard to find a right job because im deaf. i have a cochella implant aka hearing aid but not good enough.
i cant communicate on phone that well. i cant understand what people saying. its bad for business.... i feel so useless. my brother said he understand it but he doesnt. cause he was never in my shoe...
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I had CI for years, and I also had trouble with phone. My daughter has a newer CI, and she can use the phone fine.
My CI went out a couple of years ago and i'm back to ASL for communication plus my speech.
Have you maybe updated the processor? Maybe that can help?

yeah i just got new Ci this month. and no it does not help. having a CI does not simply cure your deafness all the way. in another word, its not perfect...

Agreed! That is probably why I never replaced mine when it stopped. There were good things and actually bad.
Good luck to you!!

but you should upgrade newest ci. ask your insurance if u can upgrade. it took me over 6 month to get it approve... also the newest ci have bluetooth and its a lot better. less hassle. cause u dont have to wear audio cord which i like about it. but the battery life is shorten i guess this new one used a lot of power.

Thank you for the info. I have not looked into it for a few years so that new info is interesting to me. When you say audio cord do you mean the magnet attachment? I had the magnet removed because I have MRIs run on my head and it interfered and it did not work anyway. It would be good to not have to wear the magnetic attachment to the processor.

look up stem cell but its not available for while. basically it can clone heart, lung even hearing.

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