The questions I got asked everyday by random people which intend to pushed my button most of the times -
"Hello, can you hear me?"
"How come you can hear?"
"If you can't hear.. How come you can talk?"
"But you're deaf?"
"How does this cochlear implant work?"
"Oh sorry, can you hear me? Do you understand what I'm saying?"
"Were you born deaf?"
"Awwh I'm so sorry to hear that, how's life treating you?"
"If you don't accept phonecalls, how am I suppose to contact you?"
"If you were in bed, how do you know if your friend or partner were talking to you?"
"You can't hear at all? Wow, that's so cool"
*stupid random hand move moment, attempt doing sign language* "Do you know what this means?"

Like really, what's with the questions.. Seriously?! People are really irritated me! Just because I'm deaf doesn't mean I can't hear or I can't talk, for God sake! Seriously stop...
khylton96 khylton96
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2015

Yeah I agree with you

ikr! its so anoying!

dwfl I understand