The Unhinging, Part Two: The Saga Continues

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As I continue to ignore all attempts by Rose to communicate, her downward mental spiral continues. She has now resorted to accusing me of sabotage and identity theft.

About a year ago, she had sent me a packet of papers for safekeeping. Because of the ongoing issues with her mother and Alzheimer's, Rose didn't want anything along those lines to happen to her. It was an Advance Directive, pertaining to what should be done if she becomes mentally incapacitated or died suddenly -- for instance, she didn't want to be dumped off and forgotten in some nursing home by her husband; nor did she want her husband to get all her worldly goods if she died. She had sent copies to me and to her eldest son. I put the packet in a safe place without even looking at what was in it. Fast-forward to today: I receive an email from her claiming she knew I’d sent copies to her mortal enemy (her sister) and that she was reporting me to the FBI (!) for stealing her personal information.

Yeah. She’s gone over the edge. Maybe I should ask that the Advance Directive be put into effect.

I’m torn between sending the package back to her -- or holding on to it and offering it to the FBI for fingerprint analysis. They’re welcome to it. Mine won’t be on anything but the outer envelope.

They're also welcome to check my computer for whatever evidence Rose thinks is there proving I’ve ever sent anything to her sister or gone into any of her online accounts and monkeyed around with her stuff. There aren’t any fingerprints there either.

Stay tune. I'm sure more fun's to come.
CakeEater57 CakeEater57
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May 8, 2012