The Saga Continues....

For some reason, Rose is now absolutely, irrevocably convinced that I've hacked into her computer via Outlook (!) and am currently involved in a variety of nefarious cyber-crimes against her, including stealing personal information and deleting files (including photographs and e-mail content). She is also confident (in her deluded mind) that I'm being paid by her mortal enemy (Iris) for access to everything she's sure I'm stealing from her computer. I'm fairly computer-literate, but even if I wanted to do such a thing, Outlook couldn't get me in there.

Rose does not understand how Outlook works. If she did, she would know that such a thing is not possible. Still, whenever she hears her computer making any odd noises (like the fan or hard-drive spinning up or down), she's certain I'm actively "inside" her computer. Never mind that she has so many firewalls and anti-virus software, not even an entire team of hackers could gain access to anything on her computer. She's also subscribed to an identify-safeguard service that will notify her when anything odd pops up on her credit report. IF anything does, it most certainly won't be due to any effort on my part.

She has been e-mailing me on an almost daily basis, informing me she's on her way into my area (I live more than 400 miles from her, so she can't just pop up on a whim) and intends to file a "criminal complaint" against me. Not that I'm afraid of her actually doing this or even being able to do this -- there's a little thing called "probable cause", and she has none beyond her delusions.

When she began the same sort of threats and intimidations with Iris, Iris engaged her. I'm not. I'm giving her the total silent treatment, on all levels. I've set my home phone to automatically forward her cell phone calls and land-line calls to my cellphone, and in turn blocked those phone numbers with an app on my cellphone. The only thing she has left is the US Postal Service and I'm sure I'll eventually get a letter from her proclaiming everything she's already ranted about in her e-mails.

CakeEater57 CakeEater57
51-55, F
May 13, 2012