Going off the grid, and other weirdness...

Rose's obsession with my imaginary life of cyber-crime continues. She has written a new blog entry in which she not only continues to assert that I'm actively going into her computer via Outlook Express and accessing her private information -- now she's insinuating that I'm ghostwriting Iris's blogs.

It's apparent to me that Rose has been unable to get any satisfactory action from "the authorities" -- mainly because she can give them no concrete evidence that anything she is accusing me of is even remotely true. No one is going to allow her to file a criminal complaint based solely on her claim that she can tell I'm going into her computer and she has several files missing, so naturally it's due to my [imaginary] activity.

She now claims that I have gone into her computer and deleted over 600 emails and other types of files. She has said that she has contacted a detective at my local police department. I'm sure whoever this detective is, they are telling her she needs to gather evidence first to show why she thinks I'm doing what she says I'm doing, and have a nice day. Click.

Her latest blog post says that she has now gone "off the grid". To paraphrase one of my favorite movie quotes: "I do not think that term means what she thinks it means." What she thinks it means, if I'm reading it correctly, is that since she's deleted all her myriad Facebook profiles and her Twitter account(s), she's gone "off the grid". The blog is still alive.

Meanwhile, I continue to disallow any direct communication with her. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with someone armed with nothing but delusions.
CakeEater57 CakeEater57
51-55, F
May 19, 2012