Broken Love

My husband don't love me anymore.he told me this and said he wants to stay for our son but doesn't think he will love me ever again. I did nothing cheating none of that. We went threw a separation for 9 months tryed again and after the 4 mouth he told me this. Is there hope? Is there a chance he could love me again. I'm broken and lost..I love him so much. I'm trying to be a great wife but I failed. He's depressed and lost. His best friend died about 6 mouths ago and since then he's been horrible with me. I don't know what to do anymore..will this work can of work and if so can he really love me. Again for me and. Not just be here foe our son. Plz help!
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Well the fact that he is staying with you as he vowed to says a lot of good things about his character. It seems that he may need some help dealing with the loss of his best friend, too (as in, if you are church-goers he could reach out to an elder there at the church or even to one of the people on the pastoral staff as well as get involved in any men's groups).
Provided that you are committed to loving him through this and he remains committed to staying and getting some kind of help to deal with his loss, you will make it through this dark tunnel and emerge into the sunlight on the otherside. Dont' withdraw in fear and let yourself stop loving him, that plays into the enemy's hands. No, you have to fight for this and you fight by not giving up, by loving him, be there for him; give him space when he needs it; encourage him to get help for his loss. Hang in there. The Lord honors and helps those who honor their commitments.