Its Hard...

I like you and you like me but the thing is ... that we could never be me and you are close friends and i know you like other girls too but you dont admit to ANYONE that you like me meanwhile i can admit it is it that your too shy? or is it that its embarrising well if you dont tell me soon enough your gonna miss a chance at romance i will probly never tell you i have feelings for you because with someone like you you'd probly just say ew or put me down but maybe just maybe if i pick the perfect time you just might admit it to me and i think i know the perfect place i can tell you this ive gave you 2 chances so far and youve just messed them up so this is your 3rd chance so please dont mess this one up too i know you can be a jerk at times and i know you can be sarcastic when i think your not trying to be but it still hurts when you make fun of me even when your being sarcastic i still will take it seriously so watch what you say to me because i can stop liking you in less then a minute because theres so many things youve messed up

goodandbroken goodandbroken
13-15, F
Feb 26, 2010