There Is No Hope For These Kind Of People

My boyfriend is a super narcsiss hes  so full of himself. He dosent love any one but himself my feelings dont matter. But I have to say the guy puts on a good front acting around everybody hes all kind and polite but I know its all bullshit I got his number you know what i mean. He's hurting me bad I mean like emotionally putting me through so much **** . On top of his narcissism he cheats on me big time. I am starting to HATE him He's asleep right now I feel like stapleing his lips shut first than going for his goods stample his penis to his balls and watch him scream. I d get a kick out of that well I mean I wouldent litrally do that to him But I sure feel like it.
Anasela Anasela
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

lol that will get him upset i'm sure : )

Hi Anasela <br />
I have heard relationship counselors say that a major cause of problems in relationships stems from age differences. Just a thought. Also Love and Hate are said to be pretty close on the emotional color wheel. Also it is said Love is indistinguishable from insanity. <br />
Hope the above observations help you see that just being in a relationship is a miracle of hope over sense! <br />
Anger is a healthy emotion often motivating change. Best not to express you anger using staples!<br />
<br />
best wishes and hugs<br />