My 14yr Old Has Been Cutting Her Self...

January 5th of this year I was called at work to come pick my daughter up at school and they were willing to wait from 3pm to 5:30 for me to get there... now that was a bit odd. they hadn't told me there was anything wrong so far as an emergency. so I was able to get off at 4:30. I arrived at the school to find my daughter in the principles office my sister had made it there already. to my shock Kaytlin pulled up her sleeve and showed my her entire left forearm was covered in lacerations that were self inflicted. from there we went to the ER and then to a behavioral hospital where she was from 1/6-1/19, she was dismissed on prozac and ambien.

she couldn't take the ambien and the prozac didn't seem to be helping, and the hospital didn't give me any names of psychologists for her to follow up with. Finally on 2/17 we saw a psychologist but he wasn't comfortable taking care of her as he was only here once a month and for her condition she needed weekly sessions. We had already had 4 family sessions but that was not individual counseling.

on 2/28 at 4am kaytlin cut herself again,she took a disposable razor and tore the head off of it to get a blade to cut herself again. I found it that at 9pm, far too late for stitches. on Monday we called doctors and the hospital and ended up in the er again. And she is once again in the behavioral hospital.

I have highlighted the last 2 months above, I am hoping to find other people that delt with their children doing similar things and try to understand it and help them over come it so they don't feel the need to cut anymore. for now that is all i have, I will get more detailed as we go.

takaanza takaanza
41-45, F
Mar 2, 2010