Start Of The Two Week Wait

So yesterday I had my donor IUI so I start the dreaded two week period of an or not. Last time I was do sure I was I felt so devasted when the test came back negative. The hyper awareness of my body is driving me bonkers. You know my boobs hurt maybe I a pregnant? Reviewing the changes in cervical changes. Am my cramping because of implantation or other things. By day nine I keep looking up symptoms on the web. Maybe I will just pretend nothing happen and not test anything until past my period due date.
Supervixen76 Supervixen76
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

oh ok so would you also like to greatly increase your chances by doing it naturally as well i visit boston once or twice every month for business sales calls and we could meet and try if ude like

Thank you I am currently working with someone

have you only tried invetro?

No IUI is interutuarin insemination