I am feeling very depressed with my infertility I just need some support from any if you who understands as even my husband is avoiding talking to me about it.
My boss at work has just announced she is pregnant with her third child. And here I am, being unsuccessful for more than 2 yrs, high hopes crushed by my period that just came after being late for 2 days. I managed a fake smile with a soft congratulations. No one knows about our infertility issues other than my mum. So it's really hard dealing with other people. Heck even my husband is trying to avoid talking about our issue or dealing with it. I feel so alone and depressed. How do you make yourself stop thinking depressing thoughts and how do you not think about how sad it is? I want to be able to think happy thoughts and think positive but my heart doesn't believe any of the positive things my mind tells it.
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Well im not infertile but im gonna get sterilised, u have something a lot of women wud love :)

You are in the wrong forum then.

I'm so sorry that your going through infertility and that your husband avoids talking about it with you. That can't be easy and must make you feel like your all alone in this . I've suffered from depression in the past what worked for me was therapy & medication . Your situation might be different I don't know . However it's something you might want to think about it might help.