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Running Was A Way Of Life

I was the best sprinter my high school ever promoted, and cheered for. I always wanted to be good at something nobody else could measure up to. I was either first or second crossing the yellow line, confidence in my abilities brought me great happiness. The last lap was my specialty as as i confused my  challenger, who seen me to be lagging behind. Any great runner knows you don't slam on first gear, but wait till the perfect moment to move ahead and win. I was in the best shape of my life, running 22 miles was easy without breaking a sweat. Being toned and close to the ground gave me ample traction to weave and take the gold. Life was good, until one year i over judged and i slammed into the pavement, totally confused at the reason for a horrible mistake that went against me. The embarrassment was the reason i bailed, and dropped out of school totally. I expected more of myself, how could i face my team. What happened? I found out i had Spina Bifida and scoliosis my entire life, it was starting to cripple me in more ways than one. The pain i felt through being the best and never getting to finish with the rest killed me. Depression set in, relationships were lost because of my pride, or devistation. I learned that my right leg was turning in, the very leg i pushed off with. Tears of such a loss made time stand still, where do i go from here was on my mind. after 3 kids i'm now crippled and disabled for life, but i will never forget what it was like to walk and run, and win. The fact that i'm still alive with sac of fluid on my brain surprises me. I meet my surgeon soon, one day i will run again!  and win just watch me.
peachfuzz68 peachfuzz68 41-45, F 43 Responses Feb 12, 2012

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I am glad you are still fighting. I was a distance runner too and I can identify with your reference to running. Although, I never ran 22 miles at a time..

I hope things get better for you.

Good luck

You will do it, be patient bodies don't mend overnight. At this moment in time you have to do assess what you can still do and try to excel in those. You write well, how about writing a book, you have had children, so how about fairy stories. Can you paint, how about some water colours. You obviously have, in the past, been very determined and competative, but things have worn you down. Try to recapture that old spirit and apply it to new things . Go for it Peachfuzz, and I will be rooting for you here in the UK

Blessings to you for your kindness!

Hi - I'm responding to a post that you sent me. My name is JC, and I've been an athlete all of my ife. Ive done everything to fun-runs to a full-on Iron Man (came in 12th!). You know, life just isn't fair. I contracted ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), and now I pant when I walk my dog through the moutains. Over 30% of my ung tissue is permanantly damaged, and no matter what I do to compenseate with aeorbics does't help with my ability to even WALK uphill quicky. I figure that sometimes bad stuff happens to good people. I was so focused on my physical attributes that I neglected the mental ones... so I went to Pepperdine and eventually got an MBA. I dont how long it's going to take for you to recover, or if you ever will, but there's a life out there beyond what we can do physically. It took me a REALLY long time to come to grips with this. You're probably go through all the stages of mourning, just like I did... But you'll eventualy learn that there's more than one facet to you. You're a good, intelligent person, and that will eventually prevail. - JC

thank you my friend, yes i did mourn it was heart breaking for i would of ran professionally. I had a coach, who told me i was the best he ever saw, considering my height. i'm 5'3 he was going to pay me to run and win for his team. a chance of a lifetime that i had to decline.

Wow! I admire your courage and determination! I will be your number one fan, cheering for can do it! A lot of people love you and care for you, with God on your side, you are definitely gonna be a champion! Hugs! :)

thank you my friend.

Sadly, my friends i was denied help, my back is to messed up, doctors won't touch me. I will be braced and chaired on the 20th. I love all you comments of love. Bless you my friends.

oh bitter sweet story! but its good to know there is a beaming light for you that being the surgery..goodluck

great motivation to now about people like you

your honesty is humbling me, your courage is inspiring. God bless you, Peachfuzz!

Thank you my friend.

peachfuzz i read your storty ,i'll be praying for you!sometimes i swell crooked and people think thats what i have one of the bestthings that like that was i had a skirt on and ayoung lady who had what you have saw me and thought i had the same and she see never wore dresses or skirt because she couldn't have them hem straight and felt funny. i said we look just as good as everyone else. and she got all excited and said she was buying a new dress tommorrow. that was a good feeling. i use to love track my self. some days i take works for acouple hours and i fall alot. down the stairs alot sometimes i swear god puts a pillow under me.i'm going to read your other stuff.god bless you.and take care

blessings to you my friends!

My deepest wishes are with you, THINK AND IT WILL BE. The body I believe has a DNA It can rebuild, but takes a little help still in 2012.<br />
You can make it happen.<br />
Luv xxxxxx

blessings to you my friend, my big day is in the morning, i meet the lady who will save my life!

Peachfuzz, you are an inspiration to all. You will run again. And I would consider it an honor to call you a friend. If you don't mind being friends with an ole-over-the-hill Leatherneck who has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana<br />
Take care and God Bless sweetheart.

I love you my friend.

Peachfuzz, you are an inspiration to all. You will run again. And I would consider it an honor to call you a friend. If you don't mind being friends with an ole-over-the-hill Leatherneck who has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana<br />
Take care and God Bless sweetheart.

Hi. Sorry to hear about your Crohn's. I've been dealing with that myself for about 20 years. I've been in remission for quite a while now, but I've had to go off my meds as I can no longer afford them. Hope I stay healthy. If you can get hold of a copy, I think you would really enjoy the book "Duel in the Sun" by John Brant. It's about marathon runner **** Beardsley and his struggle to overcome a devastating accident and addiction to Demerol. Thank you for sharing your strength and determination.

thank you my friend

in my dreams, most nights. i run....i outrun baddies. i run just for thr pleasure that it gives me....when i was young did it without thinking,,,then like you got into school sports....if heaven is real i will see you on the track!...running for sheer pleasure<br />

it is real my friend, i'd love to see you in glory!

we will run together my friend.

ALL my dreams include running..i too was a sprinter..100/ i cant walk the distance.......but every night i can run! ill be there waiting for you peachy...hope to show you roundx

Hey Just read your story. Wish you the best in your fight against all youre going through.

blessings to you my friend!

yes my friend i'm with you.

Thank you my friend, i will press on and fight even if i'm stuck forever in this chair.

"Every life has a purpose sometimes it's just hard to know exactly what that purpose is". First off THANK GOD you are still alive. It seems like your pass time sport may have been running but you seem to have the spirit of a fighter... so know matter whether or not you run again, keep fighting. <br />
<br />
By the way, I think you should turn your experiences into a novel... CHA CHINGGGG!!!

Big hug to you and wishing you the best once you see your doctor about your condition.

My heart goes out to you my friends, it is a hard road but if we love each other through life's journey we will be made strong by gods love. I reach out to you for i know you're pain, i hold you close to my heart. Blessings to you all.

Ur awesome and, an inspiration to me ! I'm lucky enough to walk but, my legs go numb & sometimes I trip & fall. Its like they arn't there sometimes. I have 2 disks hermiated oldest is lower back other is upper now. The upper is startine to affect my arms & thumbs. Havent been honest about it to my family yet they know but, not how bad its gotten. Surgery will only leave me in a chair or with limited mobility. To be honest after 22 years of this & the people who refuse to belive my pain I'd rather be in a chair at least most will understand what I'm going threw. the majority needs to see a reason for suffering. M.R.I.'s arn't enough I guess. I'm tuff tuffer than most but, I do it alone because I tuff it out people think I'm full of it. Big change is comming soon for me because I'm a realist & know very well my numbers up now. Disability & surgery is in my neer future & I'm not the kinda guy to do it without kicking & screaming. Ur story helps me thank you very much for shareing. As you I once was great to many eyes now I'm a looser and, only a winner in my own for I know what it feels like to be both now. Pain has become a close friend of mine but, even thow I keep going I feel things getting real bad I fell the other day thankfully nobody seen & the bruse is nothing that pain is easy for me. Just how I lost my legs & the long time it took to get back on them hit home its real & soon may be dangerios. What if I loose the legs on my chopper or driving my classic car? What if I can't fix or build things anymore? what the hell will I do? Wish I could open up about this to my family but, they hav'nt been so nice to me in the last 20 years about it. Even my wife seems only concerned about my ability to earn momney rather than help or listen to my troubles. Got a bad feeling I will be found on the ground and, it all will come to an end, I will be found a week looser with no worth in life. Well at least my son will still support me I almost told him he makes me feel like I can

My friend, i'm here for you! the truth is reality, to me i'm thankful to be alive. As long as i'm still breathing i can still love.. its hard to take, devistating to be more exact. But we must press on, we will one day walk again my friend!

I am dealing with the same thing. When I was born the doctor told my parents that I would Possibly not live to be 5 years old. I went through 3 major surgeries at 6 months old. When my fifth birthday came my parents where so happy because that's also when I started to walk. In middle school I was cheerleader and then In high school I played softball and was on dance team. I'm now 19 and I still have the pain of living with this from day to day but I have learnt to deal with it. And I am so happy that God has used his power to help me live this long and I know he will let me live for many more to come.

Stay positive my friend, its the only way.

I's all u can do

Understand my dear friend, i'm with you in heart.

Thank you.. Im praying for you

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Your love makes me cry in joy my friend...

You have a piece of my heart my friend.

I love you my friend

To me the most important thing is to stay positive and it will help you to physically run, again. You are still running the race of life and that is so great, also. God bless you and positive vibes are sent your way, as well as prayers.

Thank you my friend, blessings to you and yours!

Time that has snatched your growth will reward for your patience and you will soon recover from darkness of life.Nothing live forever anywhere.The Good is at your door try to step one and some one will receive you warmly.Wish you best of health.

Thank you so much my friend, blessings to you,

I used to run in High School. I am so sorry about what happened to you, i will keep you in my prayers. I f there is anything you want to talk about i am willing to listen and respond if i can offer anything to encourage you to press on. I pray that God will bless you and keep you close to His heart.

Thank you my dear friend, i will press on!

and my ms symptoms slowed me way down. It is very tough so I love you and cheer you on !

I love you the same for you know how this affects your life when your not able to do the things you love. I also love those who stand with us in our fight to rise abouve our ailments.

I am sorry that your health is not that but don't fell bad my health is not all that good i have to bad knees and aa bad back, let me tell you trhe good part that you and me have we are still alive right, let me tell you about me i am not going to giving up i don't think about my pain both knees have been replace there is no hope for my back but you know i still get up and clean my house i goi out dancing sometime,so you see my friend god is blessing you and me so don't fell sorry for yourself and please don't give up ok you are not along.

i can't walk my friend.

Very interesting insightful story! My best to you...

thank you my friend

Hang in there. Nothing beats the feeling of a runners high. I hope you are able to achieve it again!

If god is willing i will run again, thanks for believing in me!