I Am Dealing With Bi Polar

hi, yes i am dealing with bipolar.It all started many years ao, i have fallen from the highest mountain,in my mind and crawled to the very depts of hell.i have been so frightened, i did  not think you could fear that much,i have lost all hope, in life, and have spent many months in hospital,over the past 15 years, it took years of medication, to find one that suited me,well 10 years, i have had no sleep, for 4 years, and i have really been very ill.but even though i still have bipolar,and will always have it,i have learned  to deal with it, though some times,i have to lay down, when i am ill,and when i feel better again,i really do fly with the angels.Yes ,i can speak positive now,out of the illness my creative side of the brain opened and i have painting pictures for many years know, and writing a few childrens srories, and making my own lotions and potions.I have learned also life has a balance,we have to respect both the good times and the bad times,i know it souns silly, but it is true.
mandyashby mandyashby
Feb 16, 2012