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Its Not Me Who Has Spina Bifida Its My Nephew :(

hello, im heather and my nephew logan has spina bifida and hydrocefilis- i dont no how to spell it :L, when he was born the doctors said he was never going to make it they were wrong! logan is the best think to happen to my family my sister is wrighting a book about him called dizzy abled and is getting it published :) logan can not walk yet he is 3 years old on the 4th of march soon! :) i love him to bits, the doctors say he will never be able to walk but we dont belive him, we support a group named asbah, a group to help children with spina bifida, they have taught him makaton ( a sign lianguage for babys) and he cant speek but he knows words in makaton like; crisps, trains, mummy, daddy, sister, brother, car and more he is a very bright child and is learning well i hope that this will inspire you and please donate to the carrity asbah to help him and others like him thankyou. :)
heatherxoxo heatherxoxo 18-21, F 1 Response Feb 26, 2012

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it is heartbreaking to see a child that is disabled or crippled . But it is inspireing to see them excell and become more than anyone(especially the Doctors) thought that they would ever be able to father was born dead<br />
the doctors said well he is dead thats all i can do. but his older sis ter would not give up and se kept putting the baby in hot water thenputting him in cold water . back and forth. kind of a shock treatment. and suddenly the baby convulsed and began to breath.<br />
and came alive . he lived to be 94. had a great life.

aw bless im glad that his sis didntstop trying that is trully a mirical.