My Bodies Broke But My Heads Held High!

My name is Alisha. I'm 30 years old and I was born with Spina Bifida Myelomenglocele.. I have Arnold Chiari Malformation and teathering of the spinal cord as a result of the Spina Bifida.. I am very much so amblitory and can get around the house very well but have trouble out at stores and things like that.. I self cath and have alot of pain more and more as i get older.. I had a rough childhood and school was very hard for me but I have come a long way since then.. Both of my parents passed away at a very young age.. my mother when i was 12 and my father when i was 15.. I only have the help of my sister now.. My parents were told i wouldn't live past a day or two so they just sewed up my back and told them to prepare for the worst.. Here i am 30 years later.. Even though my life is difficult I have nothing but high hopes.. I haven't had to have many surgeries, which i'm very thankful for.. I am definitely one to believe "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".. I have faith and trust in the lord that he won't put so much on me that i can't handle..
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I have spina bifida as well mine is the "hidden" type, i'm now crippled for life. I will be braced and chaired very soon. Thank you helping me see i'm not alone. I fell 50 feet from a tree hitting every branch on my way, which is why i'm in such bad shape, surgeons won't touch me. I have the malformation as well Blessings to you my friend, stay positive.