Finding Murphy Will Support Pet Bereavement

“It’s been a year since my wee west highland terrier, Murphy died.
It’s been 11 months since my mum died. It’s been 10 months since I had a brain stem stroke. It’s been 9 months since I began treatment for depression. It’s been a year that I would like to rewind, a year I would like to delete. It’s been a year that would have been so much easier to deal with had Murphy been by my side.”
It is against this backdrop that a new website, has been launched to offer support to anyone who has had to deal with the trauma of losing a beloved pet. It has been born from the experience of Sharon Gillespie whose 16 year old dog died twelve months ago.
“I struggled and still struggle to cope with life without Murphy. After Murphy died, there were many times when I felt that people were thinking ‘it’s just a dog’ and that was really hard to take,” explains Sharon. “Not everyone understands the strength of a relationship between animal and human and the utter devastation that the loss of a pet can bring. I hope that will help change that. I hope that pet-owners suffering the loss of a pet will get some comfort from sharing their experiences and that perhaps the pet-sceptics will get a better understanding of the unbreakable bond between animal and human.”
As well as diarying Sharon’s ongoing emotional journey since Murphy died, it also allows visitors to recount their own experience and share their grief and loss as well as offering links to other pet bereavement services.
“The roller-coaster which I have been on over the past twelve months has been magnified by the fact Murphy is no longer with me,” adds Sharon. “Murphy was my saviour, my teacher, my life. With every traumatic event, Murphy would have seen me through it. Murphy would have given me the strength to cope with my mum’s death and accept it as nature’s way. She would have had the intuition to warn me about my impending stroke and while she wouldn’t have prevented it, she would have given me the fight to deal with it. She would have saved me from my depression because she did in the past. I simply hope that through other people suffering the loss of a beloved pet will get some comfort.”
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Sep 10, 2012