My Fluffy Is Gone

I am still sad after my rabbit dying on Sunday morning. 6 years ago I was in the city and went into a pet shop and saw the most beautiful rabbit and the pet assistants showed me how they held him like a baby and found him so cuddly. He was an indoor rabbit and loved the cats and they loved him back, when I went to feed the cats their crunchies the rabbit would come over and eat with them. I called him fluffy cause his hair was fluffy, pure white and in the sun light especially his eyes would glow red. He was such a nice nature and loved his food and the odd bowl of tea. Kids would want to see him time to time and he enjoyed the company of my mum and always looked excited when he heard her humming her tunes as he would know it was her with some freshly picked dandies for him. before he dyed I played some tunes for him like the Lloyds TSB journey tune. all the soap themes and just anything I thought would be familiar to him as he lay wrapped up in a towel, just not himself at all. was woke up at 6.10 in the morning and my rabbit had taken a heart attack and dyed. He went from tensed up to all flopped out, he was gone. He is now buried in my mums garden as my garden was not so suitable and my mum said she will plant some flowers there to remember him. Later I invited my mum for tea and we talked about fluffy and the memories of him. So I have some hair taken from fluffy and would like to do something crafty with it like make a broach pin or something. My friend has told me of a friend of hers and how she has a white rabbit and cant look after it due to her ill health, but I just cannot decide for now as fluffy is gone.
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36-40, F
Jan 15, 2013