Goodbye Little Man

Yesterday, my wonderful cat Pudsey was put to sleep suffering from kidney failure. One of the saddest days I have experienced.
I don't know how old he was but I reckon at least 17; I moved up here to the country in 1999 and he was a young cat then, living next door. Abandoned by his owners when they moved house, he sort of 'moved in' with me and my other cat, Beatrice ( who sadly passed away in 2007) without us even realising it....!
What a lovely companion he made to Beatrice when I was away at work. Such a contented, easy going, affectionate nature. While Beatrice probably got most of my attention while she was alive, being my 'official' cat, Pudsey was a happy, wonderful and quiet presence in the house and garden - watching for the car, greeting me at the door, rolling on his back playfully, always purring. And when Beatrice died and I was devastated, he responded with such love and I came to realise fully what a wonderful companion he was to me.
I miss you, Pudsey. You appreciated life in its fullness; you taught me the value of quiet contentment and the ability to live in the moment. You kept me from the dark door of depression with your gentle, loving playfulness. Goodbye and sleep tight little man; I will never forget you and will always be grateful to those silly neighbours who, in their folly, left you behind for us all to love and enjoy.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I am also dealing with the loss of my 15 year old cat Oliver. He was my best friend and had kidney disease. Had to put him to sleep on Monday. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel.

Certain pets seem to find their own owners. Sounds like Pudsey was waiting for you. Pudsey seems to have made a great impression on your life and what a great thing you did in saving Pudsey. Rescue is always a great way to find your soul-pet. Take care.