God Saved Me

My brother was bullied because he had bad hearing, and he had a headset so he could hear the teacher. The kids bullied him for it, so he stopped wearing it his grades dropped. And even without the headset they bullied him. He couldnt handle that at the age 12, so he took in his own hands. He killed himselve. He was 12 and didnt know what he was doing. But to this day 7 years later, I think about him everday. God was my escape and my factor to dealing with it. To this day I dont tolerate bullying. I love my brother and miss him more then anything. But Iknow he is safe and waiting for me. For now everything I do is for him, I pray I am making himproud. 
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1 Response May 7, 2012

God bless you and the pain you've had to deal with.Your sweet brother is in heaven and is singing with angels. After the bully and heartache, life is good. I'm more concerned about you, my dear. If you are like me you are merely dealing with life as it is. I miss my brother and his words of wisdom and his support. good night and god bless you.