Death Of Mother

March 15th 2010 my Mother was killed in a car accident; July 8th1999 my father was killed in a car accident.  The car accident didn't kill either one of them. Alcohol killed them both and before that alcohol killed my family.  Maybe the title of this blog should be death of a family or lost daughter...still won't answer how I feel today.  Dad was sober and fighting cancer at the time of his death, he was killed by a drunk driver; my Mothers accident is still under investigation pending toxicollogy reports, they say she was headed to a rehab facililty.

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I'm so sorry to hear about both your parents: what an awful way to lose your family! Alcohol is indeed a killer, and I think society is far too lenient on drunk drivers. My car was badly damaged recently by a drunk driver who had no insurance, no license, several aliases, and an unregistered car. The police in my area knew her so well they weren't even surprised at this one. Her excuse for hitting my [parked] car? "You have a dark car. How am I supposed to see it after dark?!" I'm just glad that nobody was in the car.<br />
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Both of my parents are gone now, my father in 1986 and my mother in 2007. I now live in their home. The study still smells of my father's pipe tobacco, and the master bedroom still smells of my mom's perfume and powder. But at least they both died natural deaths! I'm so sorry for the loss of your parents. (((BIG HUGS)))