-- A direct quote from an idiot boy in my class-- "You know Quinn. You look so little and cute and innocent but you really arent. I mean you have sex and listen to Nirvana. Thats pretty hard stuff. You are like spiderman. Seem innocent like peter and then you are actually f-ucking awesome and hardcore like spiderman. I wonder what you look like on the inside. Probably hardcore" thats a text i got from him lol
QuinnMac12 QuinnMac12
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Lol jesus christ thats funny "you have sex and listen to nirvana. Thats pretty hard stuff"

haha hes interesting

You should take to him to a punk concert and see if his head explodes

Lol that would be awesome. Hes into country music lol

Lol EVEN BETTER he'll probibly **** himself then explode, unless he likes it and goes into a mosh pit either way it would be pretty awesome

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