Stereotypical Adorable Asian Girl

That's what people see when they look at me. A tiny, small-framed girl with a roundish face, a cute smile and doe eyes. I could never do anything wrong and I must be so sweet and pure inside! In some ways it can be an advantage (act cute and avoid potential trouble), but it in other ways it can be a disadvantage (people assuming you're weak and a pushover so they try to use you as a doormat). I think I have proven to more than a few people that I'm not so pure with what goes on inside my head! That and I am far stronger than I appear to be.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

yeah, i am not as innocent as i may look. me could never do anything wrong people think ha, i am not that innocent all the time, looks are deceptive and looking innocent is an advanteg for you and a disadvantage for others.

Excellent realization! As long as you know it, others will realize your strength as well. It took me a long time to learn this…I have a soft voice that mimics a child’s when I’m excited. The vocabulary of course is that of an adult but the pitch (and frequency) nevertheless encourages people to assume…that they have the upper hand…and that they can take advantage of me. This coupled with the fact that I would avoid confrontational environments made me an easy target. Not to mention I’m a dainty you. So I took classes in learning how to be assertive. Now, I rule things with my pinky. Men are not intimidating. Colleagues know better than to argue with me…I will tactfully disarm them and they will lose. I don’t put up with passive aggressive behavior either. And of course, I’m still naughty minded too… yum…. More power to you deary! <br />
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