Since I Was 5

I have been a sissy boy since I was 5 and now I am a sissy man. My grandmother gave me dresses, panties, nighties, play dress up toys. I also had dolls, paperdolls and a doll house with furniture. I had tea parties with my little tea set. I continued until I was 12 ish and by that time I had out grown the dresses and nighties my granny gave me, so I would wear my moms cloths from time to time. About 12 I stopped but occasionally I would slip something on. About 6 months ago I rekindled my interest and have acquitted several nightgowns and panties and. Couple of camisoles. I think all men have a sissy side and should embrass it. I come home, remove my mLe attire and slip on my feminine attire. It's a wonderful wY to relax in the evening and forget the woes of the day
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

I'm happy that you've declared your sissyhood for the whole world! There's nothing wrong--and everything right in doing so. DIsplay your sissyhood. You guys have a l<br />
ot more to offer than a lot of straight men. Your interests are broader, as a rule. THanks for being---Noelle

well i like boys in dresses but i don't cross-dress...i would love to love one down tho!

I love wearing bras all the time, but because it is so waarm out, I can't wear them to work, because I only have a tee shirt over it, and boy does it show! It always feels so good. And sleeping in a nightgown is the nicest feeling.........................

I agree, dressing en femme is the same as slipping into something more comfortable.

I like to take off my work pants and slip into a dress or blouse or skirt. If I have chores to do around the house then I slip into a maid's dress. So much more comfortable and enjoyable to wear.