I Am Dedicated To Stay A Good Wife

When i met my husband,he was out going loving caring and open minded person who loved me very much.I wanted one child as I was working and I did not wanted to feel giulty when I left my child with a Au-Pair at home,but my husband wanted more kids,so after my second child my husband demanded that i stay at home and care for our kids,it was hard at first my job was interesting and fun.But I also loved being a mother so I stayed at home,But now things change,hes all the time away or working long hours,hardly do stuff with us,it hurts a lot,I gave this man two beautiful kids,cook,clean up and pays the bills on time,and try very hard to not complain about lot of stuff and gave up my job and im taking care of his sick mother who hates me,still try not to complain that i dont even get sex,Only because i love this man and im dedicated to our marriage and my family,It hurt so bad,you think it cant be happening to me,its a bad dream you gonna wake up from it.
Durangos Durangos
41-45, F
3 Responses May 22, 2012

Somewhat same story....i feel communication is thec best way...make urself busy in things u like the most&dont compromise on pampering urself the way u want..i know sexless life is not pleasant.but its not the only pleasant thing...all the best!!!

so how did you get out of it,or how did you change that,please inbox me i reaaly need to know more,i can do with some tipp.

Sounds a lot like my life for the last 4 years, lets just say you would not use up the fingers counting how many on one hand.<br />
Long story short.....I can relate .