I Got It Right This Time

I am dedicated to God(First), Family, and my Goals. Followed by service to Community, Humanity, Environment, Country, and Etc... You know, all things that matter for the betterment of man, women, and animal kind...I can admit, I was not like this always. I was selfish, mean, drunk, angry, dishonest, ungrateful, disrespectful, and vindictive person. I had to be taken down to ground level, with my face in a pool of my own blood, to see my living hell. I had been married five times, and not a good father to my credit during those earlier day of my adult life. I was on a mission, you could agree, to destroy myself and everyone I came in contact with, for my personal gain...In time I may share  the details, but only to shed some positive light to help other's discover their way out of darkness... Presently, I have a fantastic family: a beautiful woman, and her son, Robert(we call him Baba), I adore and love them dearly. It is very difficult living on an artist income, but we manage and make the most of it. I don't look back(only to give you info on my past), on the  wealth, homes, the good life I once had and lost it all to booze, drugs, and living the wildlife of a real biker. Not your weekend, spic n span wanna Be's... I am talking hard grit biker...Today, I truly know what the meaning of being grateful, happy means, even with little to show for it in material things...With Jesus, My lady, her son, the four of us- our dreams, goals, fun, tears, love, set backs, and rewards...and much, much more, all far surpass all the riches of the world. Need I say more? Well, honestly I will as this is a great website to share, vent and explore the possibilities...You got any questions, just ask-about fine art or commercial art, I am an expert on the subject, try me...In fact I am working on a huge personal project that will assist living artist around the world. I am looking for investors and professionals who want to make a creative cause for artist's a reality...On another note: my lady and I are currently developing a website(the website name when we launch/publish it on the Internet. Can hardly wait...So, had enough yet about the my past, present, and WhiteKrow Family? My lady said, she will be subscribing to this great website soon. I'll let  her tell her side of the story. We plan on uploading pics of the family, including our fine art samples in the near future. should you want to contact us, you can do so via: davidwhitekrow@kreativespirit.com

Hikrow Hikrow
66-70, M
Jun 29, 2007