Okay so I don't really know how to start this or why I'm writing it other than it was weighing in my chest and I needed to get it out.
I... I'm in love with a fictional character. He is from a role playing game called Nu'er. (its like D&D but better imo) He is a wind attuned mundain and is a castor (alchemist) His name is Travis Bartholomew Horace and he has silver hair and green eyes and he's shy, slighty insane, incredibly kind, good looking, funny, intelligent, and overall perfectly imperfect.

I fell for him pretty hard. The first time my character ran into him I was a goner. He had smudged ink on his face and bright green eyes full of life. He was so hyper but shy it made my heart hurt. I can't get him out of my head. It's even worse now that my character is "dating" him. All I want to do is play so I can be with Travis. I constantly want to know more about him and I keep fantasizing about him being real. I'm so obsessed and in love that it physically hurts to know he is not real. That the love I have for him I can never express. He doesn't exist and I know that, but yet I pine for him. He has stolen my heart and every time I think about him I get weak in the knees and my chest aches with knowledge that I will never be able to hold him. I think it's distancing me from my boyfriend in an unhealthy way and I don't know what to do.

No this not a post asking for advice, it is me just simply getting everything off my chest. So there, I've admitted it. I'm in love with a fictional character. One that I can't even get fan fiction or fan art of because to no one but the people I game with, he does not exist. Maybe this will go away or maybe not. All I know is I dream of him every night and hope beyond hope that maybe someday I can find a way to make him real.
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I feel your pain. I am deeply in love with a fictional tional. Character named Leo Valdez. He is from Rick Rioradan,s books, and it hurts my heart so bad to think he is not real. He has curly black hair, Brown eyes, he is funny, ADHD, and he is a a flirt machine. He falls in love with EVERy girl he meets, so long as she's WAY out of his leave. He is amazing at building things, he has fire powered, he is a son of Esperanza Valdez and Hephestuas, Greek god of blacksmiths and fire. He is so hot, it KILLS me. He is my dream guy. I LOVE YOU, LEO! *sobs*