My husband and I were recently married Oct.27th.06 and through our relationship it's been nothing but good news for the both of us. It seems like our whole life has changed for the best of our lives. Im 25weeks pregnant but before I got pregnant, doctors told me I might not be able to have kids and if I was able to conceive the baby might not make it due to my bicorniated, retroverted uteris. So yes I was very sexual active early but not once did I ever get pregnant but opposite of having nothing but bad stuff happen to me (rape, abuse, etc..). I graduated high school in May of 05'. Then I left to the military and came home due to my medical condition causing me lots of pain. Came home about a year ago not being in but 6 months. Then meeting up with an old friend from high school changed my life forever. He is now my husband and the greatest at that. And with GOD's good grace granted me and my husband a healthy baby boy who will be in the world like I said in March. Through life I had a challenge but that only means I am more for my age. I may be young but I sure do know alot.
Ashlee Ashlee
18-21, F
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I hope everything worked out fine Ashlee.

hope your baby is here and healthy. Life is not about where we have been, but where we are going. Hope you have a long, happy life with your husband and family. don't let the things that happened in the past keep you from loving and enjoying your intimate life with your husband. each time he makes love to you and you respond with enjoyment, you deminish what happened in your past. good luck to you

With so much negativity in our lives, and around us, it's nice to hear a success story!! Or even a happy one!! Congrats on the wedding and the upcoming bundle of joy!!!