I'm In Love! Xdd But.. Far Distance Blows

I dunno what's wrong with me but I always tend to find and fall inlove alot more on the internet than here closeby in my own country.

I found this darn awesome girl.. damn I love her so badly. When we first talked, we weren't very friendly, just like randoms/strangers.. but then we started adding sarcasm and then more and more and before we both knew it this sarcasm had become bit real (some parts of it)..
So basicly, we were sarcastic going like "owahhh, I miss you sooo soooo much!" etc when we didn't even know eachother that well. But yea, those feelings evolved and became real before we knew it. Now we're inlove with eachother but being strangled by the fact we're living very far from eachother. She lives in Malaysia while I'm in sweden.

However, I'm planing on going there around july when I graduate from school. I should have enough money by then I believe. I just hope, wish and pray we'll last till then. Sometimes the distance apart can be quite tough.

As I've confessed in a different story some years ago I've had really bad self esteem because I got acne on my back. However, this wonderful girl.. When I told her about it, she... she even put a joke about it saying I'm silly and such and and.. it made me feel so relieved! She's really wonderful. I'm just bit sad cause she thinks too low of herself, she thinks she's bad looking and such but in reality I find her very attractive and I want her to know that but I dont know how to make her understand that I really think so. I've told her that several times. I also told her that I dont love her for her appearance, but I love her for who she is. She should know that better than anyone since she's able to love such person as me.

I strongly feel that she's "the one". I dont want to lose her at any cost. This girl makes my day ALOT brighter. When I'm down and depressed, just a single word from her will make me happy again. Before I met her, I slept till 2 pm~ unless I had school or so because I didn't find a single reason to go up in the morning, I just wanted the day to end faster. But now I wake up 9/10 am everyday because I treasure my time together with her. I even wake up at 5, sometimes 4 am during school days just to get these extra 2 hours to talk to her in the morning before I head out.

Tho, our biggest problem is that it's expensive for us to meet.
But still I really want to make it work. I hope you my fellow EP friends will wish us luck!
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It is so sad how this has turned out. Have you invited her to come visit you?

Young love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a painful thing at times. If she won't see you again, you just have to let time work with you to help you move on... though I'm sure she seemed like your perfect life partner, there will be others in your life.

It sucks.

I stayed with her for 3 months now but then I had to go home because of studies and such..

But she couldn't accept that fact and she feels like I left her -.-

So she broke up with me.

Freaking lame if you ask me, she keeps blaming me.

She says everything is my fault, she said crap loads of things, everything she said just makes me sick. She unfriend me on some socialsites already as well, so ye we broke up.

I'm still totally inlove with her tho, but thinking all things she said I would do better forgetting her but ye.. way easier said than done. I can't get her out of my mind.

Her parents paid my food for those 3 months and let me stay with them, so one day hopefully this year I will pay them back with abit of interest if I can afford it. I don't want her ever to say I used her for anything -.-

I don't care if they wont accept it, they got no choice.

Good luck, im going through the same thing right now....wish you 2 the best

I'd like to say that I've met her now, I travelled to her 13 april and lived together with her till 22th april then I went back home for studies.


I'm extremely happy and delighted that she accepts me for who I am.

I love her so much, I got this dream to become a pilot, I've had it for few years but honestly, right now I would throw that dream away to have a future with her at the blink of an eye.

I love her so much, more than you can imagine, more than even I myself can describe.

She's all the best !

but sometimes I feel I dont deserve her, she's so much better than me :(

yea but our arguments are a tad different..

We do apologize but our fights aint the same as yours..

Like this time for example..

I wanted to do a suprise for her, I asked her friend to give her a biiiig suprise hug at valentine and then say it's from me. I told my girl that I had this "suprise" for her.

But she was really sad cause she felt.. left out?

Cause I and her friends knew something and we didn't wanna tell her, she knows it's a suprise for her but even so she doesn't like the feeling of beling left out, she totally detest that feeling.

However, I didn't know that properly when I told her we had a suprise "on going" for her (I told her it's a suprise cause I didn't want her to think I was hiding something)..

anyways.. she asked me some times to tell me what it was, but as I really wanted to do this I didn't tell her, I really wanted to suprise her and cause of that she got really mad.

Of course I asked her like "please can I do this for you?" then she said "I don't care" and cause of that I thought it was fine for me to do it but apparantly it wasn't.

I'm not blaming her, I understand her for feeling so and obviously in such situation it's hard for her to say "yes I want to know".

So well.. here we are, fighting cause of it.

You might think it's stupid but.. we both are abit different but I understand her for getting mad over that. She told me before she didn't like suprises tho, I thought it was the suprises emselves, so I thought it would be fine with this one since it aint any big one. But ..

what I didn't know is that why she didn't like them.

I love her alot, I really wanna make up with her, but everytime we fight all those previous arguments "come back" for her so she gets even more mad/angry. But I understand that aswell, I believe it's cause she care so much that they do.

But still, I'm really worried we might not make up even thuo I love her with all my heart.

All I can do is hope, believe and pray that she'll get over it. i tried talking to her but I just seem to make it all even worse.

I'll always love her.

It's totally priceless! I'd pay even twice amount to meet her anytime!

It's the only thing I want in my life right now, it's to be with her. I have no other wish.

Welcome :) arguments and fights are part of being inlove... :) that's what my boyfriend always tell me after we fight or argue.... the good thing about us is that we never leave the chat until we fixed things between us and we both know how to say sorry for our mistakes... ;) you both will get through...just believe in your love... :) things will be fine... :)

It is expensive, yah... but what you will get after spending that amount of money is priceless... :)

Thank you Michelel! It made me feel happy ^_^

Tho.. Yesterday we argued again and still haven't been cleared up. I'm really worried we might not make it till april but I hope, wish and pray we will.

It's quite expensive going there but, that doesn't matter to me. I rather use the money to meet her than anything else! It's what I want most of all in my life, to be with her.

hi, you are lucky you are sure to meet her in april, im in the same situation for almost 2 years and we are still waiting till we really get to be together... if i get a chance to talk to her to give her some words to have faith in your relationship, i would gladly do it... :) hoping for the best for the both of you... :)

Decided ;)

I'ma meet her in april.. probably around the 14th~

I hope we'll last till then, might be hard cause she starting uni around feb/march .. so we'll have much less time to talk but hopefully we'll manage anyways ^_^

I can't wait till I can embrace her with my arms <3

thanks Mediocre.

I've never been so inlove as I am with her, I love her so much you got no idea. I would do anything to be with her but. Cause of the distance between me and her she aint got the courage or faith to continue so ..

my mood =

On January 8th, 11:39 AM you felt extremely depressed because: Girl I love doesn't wanna be with me cause she aint got faith in us "not cause she dont love me" .. I dont know what to believe , do or think. :S just utterly depressed and sad.

wishing you all the best