Fell In Love

 A fter being dumped by my ex boyfriend who is a flirter in that game, I realise I couldn't move on and I won't be serious in online relationship anymore. Then, on 2nd of October 2007 when i was playing Maplestory, an online game. I met a guy called Joshua and eventually my whole life had changed. He made me believe love exist through the net. Our story was kinda funny because he asked me to be his gf but we started out as siblings as he was younger than me 2 years. However, age was not an obstacle for us to pursue our relationship. Afterwards, i called my sister to tell him dat i had fallen for him, cheap rite? Our relationship continues until today and his polite and caring attitude attracted me. He cared for me so much but we're in a long distance relationship as he's from another country. We have plan to meet during this december and I hope we won't break up. He even created a blog of me at http://joshlovesmelody.blogspot.com/ and we often changed our message display and name display at MSN Live messenger. I'm so lucky to find him because he's like the most romantic guy for me and a part of me that i can never let go. Even though we had several arguements and nearly break up but his patience and tolerance made me realise that it's a loss not to have him in my life. Joshua forever, my baby.
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1 Response Feb 8, 2008

That is very sweet. What ever is between him and you is a choice. You don't have to love each other yet you choose to and that is beautiful.