Fallin Hard

I was not looking for love. I had it once and I lost it suddenly and in the most tragic way possible. I never thought I could love again... Ever. I tripped over my feet and ran into this love. I should have not been looking down, but I find that the things that are meant to be come to us in the most awkward ways. Our worlds collided together and fire burned deep within us. That fire is still burning. She gets me. She doesn't mind that I have deep issues like ADHD and BPD. She, unlike most of the people I have "collided" into, looks at me the way no other has. When I say quirky things she doesn't flinch or try to change the subject like I wouldn't notice. I hear her when she talks. I usually zone off when some one is talking to me. With her it's different. I hang on to every word like it is the last time I will ever hear her voice. I hold her like it's the last time I will ever see her.
I realize that most feelings like this start to fade into the background when two people are together for awhile. The feelings start to dwindle away and that's when couples start feeling trapped or restless; longing to feel that infatuation that come with a new relationship again. I think this one will always feel intense. I admit that the severity will lighten up a little, but I know me... When I fall hard and I fall for the right person, things never grow old.
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2 Responses May 31, 2011

nice to have sweet people like you here on Ep...:)

Ah yes, not looking for love, a sure fire way for it to turn up. Sounds like she "gets you" and loves all that you are. One thing though, I don't think all that stuff disapears for everyone. I know one eldely couple who say their hearts still thump when they see each other, and for alot of people those first feelings develop into something even deeper. Glad you met each other.