Having A Relationship With A Seminarian..

.help me..what should I do?? letting him go? or to follow what we feel??.we are 2 years and 3 monts now..I love him soooooooooooooooooooooo much, and i know he loves me too..
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in my opinion you should follow your heart for what you desire in your life right now and be with someone you love right now and letting someone go can be very hurtful too but sooner or later you'll forget those feelings though but yeah just my opinion and well you should follow your heart and see whats right about it. . .

i think you should, surrender your feellings. because he is not for you, he is for God.

As a seminarian myself the only advice I could try to give you is praying, for getting wisdom, then, you have to face him and make him consider his vocation. All the seminary, from the start to te end is a "vocational discern" (English's not my language, so I dont know if you say that like this, but I think you can understand) and if he really loves you, maybe our mercyful God is calling him to another vocation: marriage.<br />
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I really, as a member of the Church, wish you good and if God put you in his way it's for something; I mean, this could guide him to toughen his vocation and eventually leave you, or, to discern well and with God's help chose for a married life. But, come on, do it fast because the fact of a seminarian with girlfriend is....... a very hard and troublesome thing, not only for you two, but for all of us :S<br />
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Just don't forget, be pure and have right intentions and God will help you in your endeavours. Bless.

"Weighing two is a very hard feeling". A seminarian once told me that line. Yes, you do love each other but being there always affects his decision. Wait for God's time. I mean, slow down and as much as possible, avoid taking him away from his calling coz for all we know, only God can satisfy him. Who knows there'll come a time, when everything seems perfect, you'll meet again. Just pray for him. :)

Wait upon the lord and not man. What does god say God doesnt confuse us its our lack of patience wanting to know now and make things happen now. That is not from god but from our own brokenness. God is slowwwww, gentle, one day at a time Gods time is not our time it can take years to form and really hear Gods will. Dont rush or make yourself feel anxiety pray for patience and hope and build a love realtionship with God and he will speak to your heart on what to do. God wants you to have a peacful future not a quick fix to your lack of patience. Patience is a virtue pray for it and you will find yourself in love with prayer and God and become at peace in any situation whether it be waiting on the lord or a tragedy, his will is our peace.

I am also in a relationship with a seminarian. Let him decide. Whatever his decision is, just listen. If he want to continue, don't stop him. Just pray for him that whatever happens, he is happy and he'll enjoy the life he choose. We should be ready to their decision. :) <br />
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Good luck to us..