How Is It Possible?

The topic say's everything yet nothing at the same time. How can so very few words say so much about something?

You tell somebody that you love them. Is it enough? Only three words. You want to tell them how you feel. So extreamly badly. but the only words that fit arn't enough. They're so much more to you then just three words. They're every thought and every momment. They over run your hopes and dreams. Everything you ever do is for them and them alone.

Only three words. How is it possible to fit so much emotion into just that? How do you tell them more? How do you prove how much they mean to you? How?

I love you...

... Pan.

~Love Anndei

Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 13, 2007

its at times like this when language is severely lacking. but then how can their be a word for something you barely understand yourself? its your actions that inevitably show how you feel.