Why Would She Still Care?

See, the thing is..i have fallen so in love with someone and now its like i don't know what to do becasue when she cries i just want to hurt myself!  i mean i love everything me and her have together! i would not ask for more! she is the best thing that has ever happened to me! and i am glad about that! but then i feel bad because she says how the people in the past have treated her when she gets upset or thinks i will end it! and it just makes me feel like she will start to beleive like i am just like them! but i'm not! and i never will be! i love everything about her! she is everything i would have ever dreamed for! and its just a dream/wish come true that i finally get the one thing that i have wanted for so long!!!  But how do i keep that when she gets so upset that all she does is cry! i mean i am stop the tears! but i can't how she feels!  i know she cares about me unless she wouldn't put up with me! She treats me so well and she doesn't see that! i just wish she knew what it reallie was that makes me love her so much!!  Sometimes its like i don't know what she sees in me but then i realize its something no one else does! and i love that!!!!! well thats some of it! i don't wanna get to deep..for the fact i don't know u guys!
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1 Response Apr 16, 2007

I personally don't agree with the person who commented above me. I think love is love and I think it is a wonderful and beautiful thing that you have found with this other person and I think you are very lucky and should feel very blessed to have lived and loved in such a way. I'm so happy for you!