Alright so, I guess I should start from the beginning.

It all started when I met this girl on a cruise. I really liked her and we almost went all the way. I started dating her but she lives in another state. I have been to visit her multiple times and I feel like I am in love with her. We have gone pretty far together but never all the way. She told me that since we are so far apart that she would not mind if I wanted to date other girls until we see each other again. Well, I am not really popular where I live so I kept telling her that I could not but she could so as not to be a downer on her. I just recently started talking with a girl that I worked with for a while who was really hot and that I liked. Well today she asked me if I wanted to come over to her dorm and watch some movies with her because her roommate was away for the weekend. I said yes and when she asked if I was still dating the girl on that I had met on the cruise I said no (it was because she had told me I could and she herself had a few times, but nothing serious). So I went over there and we watched two movies. During the second one we started getting closer and kissing. It eventually devolved into us having sex after she asked if I had protection, which I did. It was my first time but she did not know that. We stopped during because she said she loved somebody else and I said okay. We both got dressed and I tried to lighten the mood by saying a few jokes. We both went separate ways and I went home after she told me she would call me later. I do not really feel anything so now I am really confused about what to do or feel. Please help me.
DannyB12 DannyB12
Dec 1, 2012